Automatic Capping Machine

LUG Capping Machine

Product Details:
  • Brand: amson
  • Model: AEPLC80
  • Capacity: 15 caps/min

LUG Capping Machine from AMSON Engineering is a very successful machine, with complete Pneumatic working. There are two movements for capping a glass bottle with a LUG cap. They are, Clamping of cap with the bottle, and tightening of cap to the bottle. After a long time research and development, we have designed such a machine which can cap any sized LUG caps to Glass bottles. The machine is called, Pneumatic LUG Capping Machine model Number AEPLC80.

This machine is having 2 Pneumatic cylinders t two directions, mounted to get a free movement during capping. The cylinders are operated through a Panel box mounted at one side of the unit. A pedal operating switch is provided to actuate the working. Each pressing will do each capping action.

Machine is made compact and tabletop and weighs only 35 kgs. Operating this machine requires very less effort, since all the power needed is done by pneumatic cylinders. Operating is done, after Bottle with cap is placed under the capping head and press the pedal operating switch. Here, the top clamping cylinder actuates, and the bottle with cap is tightly pressed to each other. Now, at the same time, another cylinder is actuated which does the capping action. The cylinder is set in such a way that after a perfect clamp the cylinder is either slipped or stopped as per tightness required.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: AELC100
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